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Our Source Tree of Pain Management

methodologies comes from doctors, patients, resource suppliers and a wide array of professionals across the field. Whether you’re interested in the quality of your medicine, the qualify of your medical professional or patient understanding and input, partner with the best, and help bring this field to new heights of understanding, professionalism, transparency and accountability. We are here to create a more effective creative


Best Practices

We have a wealth of experience between us, and even in an area of innovation, there are a lot of things we can apply from the opioid past to the Cannabidiol future.


Reporting Transparently

Reporting will enter our big data warehouse instantaneously, so finding reports and sources will be a natural part of our growth.


The Blockchain

A permanent record of dosages, usages and results will grow at the speed of light towards an informed, fully transparent, completely accountable goal for our practices.



Clinical Trial Status

The present state of clinical trials, new medicines and formats for solutions.

Where CBD has been deployed, and compiling professional data





Publicly Available Materials

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As a participant in our source

tree, you will have access to shared information from some

of the time minds in the business.


As an early innovator in the blockchain for medical services, you will have instantaneous access to deeper insights of clinical trials and the big data that they generate.

They’re not just doctors with whom you share information. They’re your partners in the establishment of “best practices”, with real time sharing of information crucial to mitigating both hazard and potential liability. 

  • Practice Management

  • Best Practices

  • Facilities

  • Resources

  • Continuing Education

  • Marketing Materials

We go beyond your doctor peers to the suppliers of medical resources, patient inquiries and other information across 360 degrees  information from everywhere about this emerging facet of science.

  • Big Data

  • Cross-referencing

  • Patients

  • Doctors

  • Suppliers

  • Sources

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